Bose SoundWear Companion: Hands free. Ears free.

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Usually while listening to music, we can use a wireless speaker that is placed on the desk or install wireless earphones. However, what if you can wear a speaker on your body?

Bose has just launched a wireless speaker with a unique shape. This Bose SoundWear Companion is not just an ordinary wireless speaker, but a wireless wearable speaker that you can wear on your neck.

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Simply to put, If you are not comfortable with isolated earphones and want to enjoy music without the feeling of being stuck on your ears and still be able to hear the environment, SoundWear is the answer.


Unique but Comfortable

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Bose SoundWear Companion has a unique shape. As a wireless speaker and also wearable, it is worn on the neck the way we usually wear a necklace or scarf. This device has a body part that can be bent to adjust the shape of your neck.

Bose SoundWear has a special layer made from fabric that makes it comfortable when used. Bose also provides several types of covers that are sold separately to suit your taste.

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As a speaker, Bose SoundWear is not equipped with a noise canceling feature, so you can still listen to the sound around while listening to music. Both drivers on the left and right sides are positioned facing up so that the sound can point directly into your ear, and reduce sound leakage in the other direction.


Rich Functions

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According to Bose, this speaker is not only an accessory but also represents a rich function. Every part of this speaker is carefully engineered for better sound. This speaker also uses waveguide technology, where Bose uses two 11-inch waveguides to pump the sound so that the output feels more maximal.

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This device uses a Bluetooth connection to connect to a music player or smartphone with a maximum distance of up to 9 meters. Not only to listen to music, but Bose SoundWear Companion can also be utilized to answer phone calls.


Keep Connected

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There are 3 buttons to adjust volume, play/pause, and activate virtual assistants like Siri or Google Now. Bose also provides the Bose Connect application available for iOS and Android to connect this device to your smartphone and manage the sound and features.

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Bose SoundWear takes about 3 hours to fully charge the battery. In one full charge, this device can be used for up to 12 hours. Bose SoundWear is available in a choice of cover color options such as blue, purple, gray and black. This device is sold at a price of US $ 299.

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