Canvas Audio: The World’s First HiFi Audiostand for OLED TV

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Audio is an important part of making entertainment more enjoyable. Well, in order to get a quality audio experience, you kinda have to utilize high-quality speakers which sometimes can go over the normal budget. Here, canvas Audio is preparing to cut way in proving the best quality audio experience without stretching your budget.

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As the world’s first HiFi audio stand for OLED TV, Canvas Audio will enhance the experience on the OLED TV with satisfying audio. So, the experience of watching a movie will feel more reliable.

Besides this product, you will find other products with A / V product categories that are complementary to this product with astonishing quality.

Unfortunately, for now, Canvas Audio could only be connected exclusively to the LG OLED B and C TV series. Before buying it, make sure if your TV is one of a series that can be connected with this audio system. Some of these series are OLED55B6, OLED55B7, OLED55B8, OLED55B9, OLED55C7, OLED55C8, OLED55C9.

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Not only does the audio quality is the best, but this speaker also has a unique shape. On a quick glance, the speaker will not look like a superior speaker because the speaker system is hidden inside. But you will find two High-End SB Acoustics long excursion drives and two radiator ring drivers with a non-resonant back room that ensures the captivating audio experience.

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There are a lot of audio systems that promise the complete features, but the real 3D audio sensation is only available through Canvas Audio. This then, makes these speakers very suitable for those of you who love to listen to that extra tingling on the music. Especially with the HiFi feature embedded with a 10-12 foot stereo image of a 3.5-foot wide product.

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First, you need to connect this audio system with an OLED TV that will bring together a picture and audio quality together. The combination of the BACCH 3D filter with High-End Canvas Audio produces a real HiFi stereo sensation. By buying Canvas Audio, you are saving a lot more since most of the HiFi systems on the market are purchased separately at quite high prices.

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We did mention the bargain price tag of Canvas Audio and compare to other product on the market, the price tag of $ 999 for the 55 inches version and $ 1,099 for the 65 inches one is a lot cheaper. You can also make payments in installments with an initial deposit of $ 100.


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