Audeze LCD-1 Headphones: A Tradition In Music Creation

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The American manufacturer and specialist for magnetostatic headphones Audeze has recently been poaching in price regions well below its predominantly high-priced product portfolio. The company comes up with a product called Audeze LCD-1 Headphones.

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A lot of audiophiles are curious to see whether this model, which is advertised alongside music consumption as reference headphones for studio applications such as mix and mastering, has comparable qualities.


Many models from the California manufacturer are visually strikingly large and well-designed, whereas the Audeze LCD-1 looks like a completely ordinary headphone and the plastic-dominated housing construction are not out of the ordinary compared to competing products.

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The processing of the foldable and very comfortable headphones looks extremely solid and the use of real lamb leather (earpads), as well as the fabric covering of the removable cable guided on both sides, testify to the premium claim of the brand.


An interesting detail is the so-called reversible cable, which ghostly ensures that the correct side signal is present in every pinna, regardless of which end of the two-sided cable routing is connected to the pinna.

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As with the large models, the extremely light Planar driver of the Audeze LCD-1 has a diameter of 90 mm, the driving magnet is, of course, neodymium for weight reasons.

Per the open design, the LCD-1 provides an airy, transparent sense of space with the precise localization of individual mix components. In contrast to the market, the somewhat wider stereo stage of the LCD-1 looks more two-dimensional than three-dimensional.

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The frequency response of the Audeze headphones is largely authentic and shines above all with a high degree of naturalness in the medium and high frequencies, whereby the tuning of the rather reserved bass range will probably not suit everyone.

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The Audeze LCD-1 is open magnetostatics with overall convincing playback properties and a high level of comfort. In addition to listening to music, the LCD-1 is suitable for professional use in editing, mixing and mastering. All of the wonders behind Audeze LCD-1 Headphone is marketed at $399.



Audeze LCD-1 Headphones

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