Suunto 9: Build to Last!

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First introduced in Vantaa Finland, one of the famous watchmaker Suunto announces the latest form of their new smartwatch dubbed Suunto 9 – a multimedia GPS watch for athletic individuals with high demand from their sports and smartwatches.

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Suunto 9 is also compatible with Suunto apps that keep logs of every exercise, daily activity, and duration of sleeping time. All of these logs may be shared with the Suunto Apps community themselves.


Build to Last

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The key point of this watch is the battery life which lasts for more than 120 hours with GPS and smart battery management plus reminder system to keep the watches lasting for a long long time.

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The Suunto 9 watch is designed for long and rugged training and exercising and it has been tested under extreme examination for thousands of hours to make sure it is not just gonna “extinct” while you are using it.

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Suunto prepares three different battery modes to be made available; Performance, Endurance, and Ultra which are ready for 25 to 120 hours. Furthermore, the owner of Suunto 9 is able to adjust the battery life of the smartwatch according to their personal preferences and can alter the mode from one another at any time.


Will Always be Ready to Notify You! – Just Like Your Parent

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This watch also has a smart notification that will alert you before and during exercise, if the battery needs to be charged or have been changed to a mode that uses the battery at less rate. Tested at extreme rates, Suunto 9 is designed to meet the needs of professional athletes from around the world.

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When running in ultra-long mode, the sport’s watch is not able to last for long, thus removing distance recording and track accuracy because GPS systems usually require high energy but not with Suunto 9.

It’s a robust typical watch with over 80 sports modes that count and watch every second the breathing pattern, with full GPS route navigation, sunrise and sunset times, alarm storm and multifunctional range for athletes on their outdoor adventurers.


Gives You More

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Suunto 9 is a multisport GPS watch intended for those who request the best from their watch. Savvy battery life framework with brilliant updates guarantees your watch will keep going similarly as long as you require it to. The robust Suunto 9 is made for long, arduous training and racing and extreme adventures.

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