Fitbit Ionic: Commit to Extraordinary

Fitbit Ionic 4

Popular with their fitness bracelet products, Fitbit finally and officially try to fight in the smartwatch segment by releasing its smartwatch which was named Ionic. It’s still debatable about the sequence of the first release of Fitbit’s smartwatch but that’s not the talking point here.

Fitbit Ionic 3

The Fitbit Ionic needs to do a lot of proof, especially in terms of design, considering the previous attempt by Fitbit is not the smartest smartwatch on the market. Ionic tried to answer our doubts with an unibody design made from aluminum which not only looks elegant, but also functional by concurrently as a Bluetooth and GPS antenna, which in turn has a better signal reception.


Premium Looks

Fitbit Ionic 4

Fitbit has also designed Ionic to hold water to a depth of 50 meters, which means it is ready to monitor the user’s swimming activity. At the back, the heart rate sensor is neatly embedded without any bulge at all, making it far more comfortable to wear for a long time – crucial considering the battery life can reach 4 days, or 10 hours if the GPS is activated continuously.

Fitbit Ionic 2

Ionic is also equipped with a touchscreen that is quite special. This 1.42-inch screen with a resolution of 348 x 250 pixels has a slightly curved surface, but the best part is, the brightness level reaches 1,000 nit. This is important because the watch will often be used outdoors, where the sun often makes the screen difficult to read.


Premium Features – Yes it packed a lot!

Fitbit Ionic 6

Talking about the performance, Ionic packed Fitbit’s fitness tracker – including the ability to detect activities such as running automatically – plus a number of new capabilities. The first is the relative SpO2 sensor to estimate oxygen levels in the blood, which in the future can be used to detect conditions like sleep apnea.

Fitbit Ionic 5

Ionic is the first device integrated by Fitbit Pay’s contactless payment service, which was initiated after Fitbit acquired Coin in 2016. Finally, considering that Ionic runs a whole new operating system, it also became the first to carry Fitbit App Gallery, which is none other than the app store for third-party applications.


Adidas Edition

Fitbit Ionic 1

After succeeding with their promotion, Fitbit has also announced their collaboration with Adidas to release the Fitbit Ionic Adidas version, which is more focused on the interests of exercising which is quite in line with the apparel company. This smartwatch is priced at $ 279.95.

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