Fitbit Luxe: Boost Your Mind, Body and Health

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Fitbit has just released a new smartband called the Fitbit Luxe. The gadget is claimed to be the most stylish accessory Fitbit has ever presented to consumers. Plus, they successfully did it without compromising on the features.

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Fitbit mentions that Fitbit Luxe is a tracker for health activities and sports activities that prioritize fashion. Designed in such a way, the smartband is built to be suitable for all-day use for a wide variety of wearer wrist sizes and skin tones. It also comes in many color options as well as strap options.

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According to Fitbit, this is the thinnest device they have built to date. Because it is so thin, the Fitbit Luxe is claimed to be comfortable to use while resting as well as tracking sleep quality.

Comes in three body color options; the strap material is made from silicone, woven fabric, leather, stainless steel to a special model in collaboration with a jewelry manufacturer, Gorjana.

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The design does look very stylish and simple. Not equipped with buttons at all, navigating with the Fitbit Luxe screen requires touch gestures to control the AMOLED screen. But, even though it looks beautiful, the Luxe is still designed with water resistance up to a depth of 50 meters.



Through the display, users can find out a lot of information. There is an accelerometer sensor, an optical-based heart rate sensor, and a special infrared sensor to monitor oxygen saturation (SpO2) levels in the blood.

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In addition, the quality of breathing, the stages during sleep, and stress levels can also be monitored automatically – especially the last one, Fitbit, provides a special menu, Stress Management for user evaluation. Not only that, but this device can also detect variations in skin temperature.

Compatibility is not a problem since Fitbit Luxe can also pair to both Android and iOS devices. Especially for Android, the Google Fast Pair feature is supported for easy pairing. Last but not least, the battery life can run for up to 5 days of use.

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Price and Availability

To acquire Fitbit Luxe, consumers need to spend around $149.95. The price includes a six-month subscription to the Fitbit Premium service for $6. The option of additional straps can be purchased ranging from $30 to $100.

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