Ford Explorer Timberline: A More Rugged SUV

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The Ford Explorer Timberline, which was introduced in early May 2021, is claimed to be the most reliable Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) to bypass off-road routes.

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Ford blatantly mimics the shape of Explorer Timberline from the Explorer Police Interceptor. Approach angle of 23.5 degrees and maximum departure of 23.7 degrees. The height under the vehicle reaches 220 mm, 20 mm higher.

The existence of a skid plate made of steel gives confidence when facing a mound of rocks, and its function is to protect under the vehicle.

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Then, there is the Torsen limited-slip differential combined with the Bridgestone Dueler all-terrain P265 / 65R-18 tires that were targeted for optimal grip on the road surface.

All in all, the Ford Explorer Timberline is a family car with three-row seats but with specially-built muscles to tackle any terrain.

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The latest car in the Explorer lineup is even more reliable thanks to the increase in the height of the walk, which affects the degree of vehicle tilt through the incline. Plus, the new suspension, springs, and stabilizer rods.

Inside the cabin, the owner of the Explorer Timberline will be greeted with cool Deep Cypress colors with Ebony palphones, including on the A, B, and C pillars to the door handle, sun visors, and moonroof curtains.

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To make it easy to clean after the adventure, the carpet uses rubber material. At the same time, the seats made from ActiveX, which the company claimed to be easy to clean. The leather steering wheel is heated, so it is comfortable when driving in winter.




On the engine, the EcoBoost 2,300 cc performance is trusted by the carmaker. The pacemaker is able to draw 300 hp and 420 Nm of torque. The unleashed power is then mated with a 10-speed automatic transmission.

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There are seven driving modes to choose from, including Trail and Deep Snow / Sand. It allows the driver to easily get out of the mud trap.

Then there’s Standard Hill Descent Control, making the Timberline Explorer slide slowly on the steep descent while keeping the speed at 3 – 20 kph.

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Another features to steadily break through the wilderness is the LED fog lights. The Ford Performance lights are rated at 160,000-candela illumination, reportedly twice the illumination of the high-beam headlights.

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