KIA 2020 Telluride: No holding back.

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The only wide space SUV from KIA made its first debut on March 2019 in Colorado, United States. The cabin capacity is claimed to be able to accommodate up to 8 people at once which is suitable for family needs.

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Huge, firm and also relieved, is a clear picture when observing the exterior of the KIA 2020 Telluride. The front looks handsome with a large Tiger-Nose Grille design. As for the two ends of the Grille pinned slick Projector Beam Headlights and LED Positioning Light that is ready to provide a capable lighting function.

Although the shape is quite large and messy, the theme of an Off-Road was conveyed from its front face. In terms of design, KIA was quite successful in describing the unique characteristics of Telluride.

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On the side, KIA Telluride presents a Roof Rails that collaborates nicely with the chrome accents on the side glass temples. One word, attractive, the side design of KIA 2020 Telluride giving the impression of luxury but also sturdy SUV-style.

Kia 2020 Telluride 3

The overall design shows that the car’s performance is capable of Off-Road, supported strongly by 18-inch tires. The size is quite proportional and also able to minimize collisions when driving in heavy terrain.

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Moving on to the rear body, there lies in the design of Taillights lights, which are packaged like Stick Hockey. To be honest, the type of Telluride lamp is very unique, being a differentiator with the SUV model in its class.

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Interestingly, there is a beautiful topping on the rear bumper that is a Silver plate. In addition to strengthening its masculine scent, the feature is also able to minimize damage when driving in rocky areas and other heavy terrains.



One of the most important features of the KIA 2020 Telluride lies in the cabin. The interior of the KIA Telluride is classified as the most extensive among other KIA products. The capacity that can go up to 8 people is very special. Not to mention, the tightness of the cabin and legroom which is really comfortable.

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Classic and elegant is used as the theme of the Telluride cabin. The three most dominant colors namely Silver, brown and also black, color the cabin. The composition is very fitting between elegant, classic and also modern.

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Still the same as other luxury cars, the KIA Telluride applies a steering wheel that has an audio adjustment button as well as a quick telephone answering feature. There was no significant difference, only the design applied a four-bar model.

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Behind the steering wheel, there is also a Multi-Information Display (MID) panel. From there, a lot of important information is delivered such as speed level, trip meter, average fuel consumption, and many others. But unfortunately, the screen is not entirely digital because it still applies an analog meter to the speed info level.

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The dashboard also features an 8-inch Touchscreen Display that is ready to offer a lot of entertainment.  Multimedia entertainment to navigation has been supported from the panel. Simplify and give extra comfort to the driver.

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The KIA 2020 Telluride can accommodate up to 8 people, but please do note that correct according to the source the real version is 7 + 1 which translate to 7 adults and 1 child, considering the dimensions on the back seat is more suitable for these proportions.



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Under the hood, KIA 2020 Telluride engine operations rely on the 3.8-liter Lambda 24 Valve DOHC V6 capacity. As an SUV, the power generated by the engine is more than enough. According to the official KIA record, the engine is capable of spitting 291 HP equivalent to 6,000 RPM with a peak torque crest of 262 Lb.ft at 5,200 RPM rotation.

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KIA 2020 Telluride is available in four variants namely LX, S, EX and SX types. The difference is only based on entertainment features such as Sunroof, fog lights, Harman / Kardon audio, and other interiors stuff. The car is marketed starting from $31,690.


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