VAVA Dash Cam 2K: Capture Number Plates in QHD

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The use of dashcam is very important because it involves safety. By installing dashcam, the psychologically impact on the driver will be safer. VAVA sees the emergence market from the needs of dashcam and assembles the best dashcam products in the form of VAVA Dash Cam 2K.

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The latest product from the VAVA is indeed not much different. The mobile phone-centric product of Vava 2K Dash Cam is designed as well as possible to display high quality. The focus especially put on the sensor section which can now capture 1440p video.

Plus, as a dashcam that targets the low-end class, the VAVA Dash Cam 2K got quite a superior quality since the device can be operated through a smartphone where you can snap, cut and share the video.

Vava Dash Cam 2k 1

As for the design, the VAVA Dash Cam 2K-VD005 is a small, compact and lightweight dashboard cam that is connected with magnetism through a mounting base. This type of installation allows you to rotate the camera up to 360 degrees to record selected objects. As we mentioned before, the dashcam is supported with QHD quality of 2560 × 1440p 30fps or 1920 × 1080p on 60fp.

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On the front lens, there is a regular suction cup, while on the other side where the Dash Cam is connected you can find a magnetic circle as an attachment. Another feature that is embedded in this product is a micro USB port for charging power via a micro USB cable or DC adapter in the car.

Its owner doesn’t really need to worry about the micro USB connection since the cable is long enough so you can use it on the pry bar that has been provided to operate it or on the roof and pillars of the car.

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On the other side of the Vava Dash Cam camera lens is an SD card port that supports capacities reaching 128GB, a reset button, and two LEDs are available. Not to forget, the product also has a reset button and two LEDs, as well as indicators of Wi-Fi connectivity and power.

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The performance of the dashcam is the main attraction of the product because the VAVA Dash Cam is supported by a built-in 320 mAh battery that allows the G3 axis sensor to start recording. You can use Vava Dash Cam for parking purposes and to get videos and photos with high quality.

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The company claims that the VAVA Dash Cam 2K is able to produce a razor-sharp video with the support of high sensitivity and dynamic range of 155° wide angle. The built-in microphone capped of the already premium feature of the product that is marketed at a price of $139.99.



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