Roav DashCam C2 Pro: Capture The Unexpected

Roav Dashcam C2 Pro5

A dashcam is a must-have product for car drivers nowadays. And as the market grows, the variation of the product is also growing. But Roav DashCam C2 Pro is not one without history as it is proven that the lineup has already provided the best quality for its users.

The DashCam C2 Pro is planning to keep the competition ahead as the product is coming with Sony Starvis sensor that can enable nighthawk technology that can perfectly capture everything under the dim of the night.


With such quality, of course, it will give a very good performance as the DashCam C2 Pro is able to capture a number plate with maximum results at day or night. What is clear is by using technological sophistication like this, anyone can use the camera for various things.

Besides that, it also features a very sophisticated chipset with five lens elements that can balance white Dynamic range images. As for the quality of video recording, The DashCam C2 Pro can record up to 1080p in sharp quality.

The DashCam C2 Pro also has the features that can help it to see the entire road clearly since it is equipped with an angle aperture lens with a width of 12.00. Roav claims that the technology is capable to monitor 4 traffic lines.

Roav Dashcam C2 Pro2

Along with the trend nowadays, the dashcam can also withstand extreme temperatures so that it can be used in various situations since it is made from special steel materials. In order to showcase the quality of their products, Roav also provides a quite long warranty for it.

The exceptional feature doesn’t stop there as this device can also be used to track its user’s trip. The DashCam C2 Pro is equipped with built-in GPS to track and index routes and speed when on the go. A very complete feature is on a sophisticated camera like this.

Roav Dashcam C2 Pro5

The DashCam C2 Pro will also automatically turn on if an impact such as an accident or crash is happening. The features complete itself with the ease of access to video through the app for sharing and review.

On the purchase of this product, you will be given several accompanied part, such as  32 gigabytes of Samsung micro SD card, trim removal tool, suction mount, user manual, happy card and warranty for the product for 12 months. The product is marketed for $149.99.


Roav DashCam C2 Pro


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