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ZIIIRO is known for it’s out of the box design and now, it comes up with its newest product, called Celeste, which looks very luxurious. ZIIIRO uses high-quality materials to display their pride in their watch that not only seems luxurious but also glamorous.

By using a transparent gradient disk, ZIIIRO also immerses a simple yet complicated impression on Celeste. Let’s dig deeper into it!

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The brand-new product from ZIIIRO watches comes with a stainless steel casing and strip and also is equipped with a hardened mineral crystal for its glass. Of course, by embedding the premium-grade material, ZIIIRO Celeste users will be able to feel the prestige when they wear the timepiece.

Although there are a lot of watches on the market, ZIIIRO Celeste has its own characteristics that make it more unique. This product is a very different product than other watch products and there are several reasons to support this statement.

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First, the style that is perceived to display the time at this watch is unique since it keeps changing from the color nuances in it. There are three different colors that will look stunning and became the different indicator to show the hour, minutes and the hours + minutes.

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The built, as we mentioned before, is absolutely stunning. The snap up discs is using transparent colors as well as the shape of the crown that is in a unique position located at the 3-hour mark. The dial is taking the big part in calming the three colors indicator with white.

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The strap on the ZIIIRO Celeste is made of matte stainless steel 316L mesh with a crystal color band that will display beautiful and stunning shades. As for the movement, ZIIIRO Celeste is entrusting the issue to Miyota 1 L engine – 26 quarts, with two-pole drive motors at once. While the quality of the battery is entrusted to SR 616 SW battery.

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It might look glamour in a way, but ZIIIRO Celeste is also perfect for those who like to be active outdoors. This particular watch is very strong and can withstand water pressure of 3 ATMs. Plus, with a weight of only 0.1 kg, the user will certainly be able to move freely and comfortably.

The price of $ 199 is clearly justified with high-grade premium material and design language that is superbly done.


ZIIIRO Celeste

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