SCOTT Addict RC Premium Disc: All the Great Gestures of The Addict

Scott Addict Rc Premium Disc 2

This reliable and elegant bicycle comes is called SCOTT Addict RC Premium Disc. Its elegant appearance and tough look will captivate anyone who sees it, especially the bicycle enthusiasts. Not to mention the advanced specifications and features that are embedded in it.


The main protagonist of the features on this bike is that it is using the HMX Carbon Frame Addict Disc, the Swiss PRC 1200 DT Painted DB Wheels and Syncros Carbon parts.

As if it is not enough, another feature to showcase is the toughness of SCOTT when used to climb the road easily to the top. The combination of super-light disc brake control with superior frame form Addict will produce a bicycle that perfect to ride everywhere.

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This reliable bicycle presents advanced technology to maximize its performance. The front and rear rotors are 160 mm in size which makes braking power more optimal, better modulation and guaranteed security regardless of the weather conditions. The frame and fork parts have been optimized for asymmetrical braking with the disc brake system.

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The advanced technology embedded on the bike is also capable of managing power transfers well. Wide cross-sections and a smooth transition to better manage loads will result in a strong structure so the rider can peddle effectively.

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With all the reliability it has, what is the impression of the person who has bought it? Lots of Addict RC Premium Disc owners are satisfied with the performance of a very agile and very fast bike. Not only that, but this bike is also very easy to manage in the racing arena so that it makes it easier for you to ride a bicycle.

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Thre are many activities and trips that you can get on with this bike. In the smooth or bumpy road terrain, The Addict RC Premium Disc holds the stability of the bike even when you are facing the tough terrain.

SCOTT Addict RC Premium Disc

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