Pinarello Dogma F12: Even more Aero, Even more powerful, Even more beautiful

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Pinarello fan will surely be waiting for the latest product that will be released by Italian bikemaker. For those of you who already have Dogma F10, then get ready to shift your beloved bike with the Pinarello Dogma F12.

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If you follow the innovations and developments of Pinarello, you will already know the previous bike series, the F10. At first glance, the Dogma F12 does not have many changes from the previous series.

However, if we look closer, Dogma F12 has a more sophisticated form especially in the seat stay, top tube, and fork.

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Pinarello finished evaluating their previous product and finally decided that the F12 design is getting more aerodynamic design. In fact, they also claim that the Dogma F12 is capable of splitting the wind up to 7.3% better than the F10.

This is achieved due to the frame of F12 that has a 10% stiffer Bottom Bracket (BB). Meanwhile, for carbon materials, this bike still uses the same type as the last-gen, Torayca 1100 1K.

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In order to spoil their fans, Pinarello also provides two versions for their latest Dogma F12, namely the rim brake and disc brake. This time, the F12 rim brake version uses a direct-mount system.

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What’s also cool is that the customer doesn’t need to buy a full bike if they are interested in taking it home. They can just buy modules like those applied to aero bikes on the market. In one set, there will be a fork, frame, seat post, and handlebar system.

Pinarello Dogma F12 1

Variations of the product also become more flourish with the availability of 13 frame sizes, ranging from the smallest 42 to the largest 62. Of these sizes, 16 combinations of handlebar system sizes are produced.

Pinarello Dogma F12 3

As for the weight frame, the bikemaker claimed that their latest product has a weight of 820 grams for the rim brake and 840 grams for the disc brake. This size is very fitting for racers on the racecourse because it can go fast without losing control.

Pinarello Dogma F12 6

One thing for sure is that the bikemaker is not going to put on a bargain price tag on the Dogma F12. In order to be able to bring it home, you have to spend deeply because, indeed, in each and every specification, Pinarello has put on a high standard of quality.

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