BMC Teammachine SLR01 DISC: The Bikes that Conquer Tour de France

Bmc Teammachine Slr01 Disc 9

Have you ever wonder what kind of bike that has been acclaimed as the World Champion and the repetitive conquer of Tour de France? Well, it’s easy. If you want to feel the sensation of cycling like those highest-achievers, Teammachine SLR 01 Disc One is very suitable for you.

Bmc Teammachine Slr01 Disc 1

The greatness of the Teammachine SLR 01 Disc One can not be denied any more because the embedded features and specifications will make anyone feel amazed, even the former GC competitors also feel the greatness of this bike by frequently giving praise to this product.

For those of you who like biking and like to explore various fields on the road, then Teammachine SLR 01 Disc One can be the right bike for you. Many people who praise the comfort and rigidity of this bike because it is very fitting for all road terrain.

Bmc Teammachine Slr01 Disc 2

Cycling experience will be more fun because you can ride a bicycle with very high standards. No wonder so many bike lovers dream about owning this one particular bike and maybe you are one of them.

One of the advantages of the Teammachine SLR 01 Disc One bike this time comes from the sophistication of the embedded technology. You will be spoiled with a variety of technologies which certainly makes this bike feel just right to ride.

Bmc Teammachine Slr01 Disc 4

The first technology is called ACE (Accelerated Composites Evolution Technology) where this technology shortens the years of physical testing and prototyping so that the final product has the expected performance.

This bike also has a distinctive Swiss design with ICS (Integrated Cockpit System) technology where a simple aesthetic keeps the innovative functions of the Integrated Cockpit.

Bmc Teammachine Slr01 Disc 7

Riding the roads that are not smooth will certainly make us easily tired. However, this has been anticipated with the Tuned Compliance Concept (TCC) which can reduce vibrations when passing through roads that are not smooth so you can still enjoy a smooth ride.

Bmc Teammachine Slr01 Disc 3

All the features and technology will definitely make us feel comfortable cycling, even though it’s on the racecourse. Not only the quality of features and functions, but this bike also has a modern design.

With Dual Transmission Integration (DTI), it allows BMC frames to look as clear as precision machines. Asymmetric Tube Design also makes it easier for you to control the bike’s speed as well.

Bmc Teammachine Slr01 Disc 6

Another advanced technology that is also embedded is the D-Shaped Seatpost which uses quality materials and is lighter, but still comfortable to use and can also be easily controlled. This bike also has a super lightweight frame because it uses the Ultra-Light Thru-Axle design.

Having Teammachine SLR 01 Disc One means realizing the dream to have a bicycle that is very sophisticated with the highest specs. If you want to take it home, get the fund ready since the bike is marketed starting from $ 12,875.


BMC Teammachine SLR01 DISC

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