Suunto Core Alpha Stealth

Suunto Core Alpha Stealth 6

Suunto, a sports watchmaker from Helsinki, Finland, has released a new military standard = mil-spec outdoor watch dubbed Suunto Core Alpha Stealth.


While equipped with reliable basic performance such as high durability, various compass functions, and red light mode for night vision goggles, the battery on Suunto Core Alpha Stealth uses a button battery instead of a rechargeable battery.

Suunto Core Alpha Stealth 1

The off-the-grid-oriented watch is also simple. Furthermore, the definition of robustness does not even stop there as the watch also includes smartphone connection by GPS or Bluetooth that is usability that sets it apart from smartwatches.

The power supply on Suunto Core Alpha Stealth uses CR2032, which is a button battery, instead of the built-in battery. It can be used for about 12 months with a single battery.

Suunto Core Alpha Stealth 4

Since its off-the-grid performance does not depend on the external battery or internet environment, the Suunto Core Alpha Stealth should be a reliable presence even in harsh environments.



Suunto Core Alpha Stealth has passed harsh tests such as impact resistance, harsh temperature environment, and long-term submersion in order to meet strict mil-spec standards.

Suunto Core Alpha Stealth 3

The case size is 49.5 mm, the thickness is 15.1 mm, and the weight is 64 grams. The aluminum bezel and textile straps are all blacks that blend into the darkness. The compass is equipped with an altimeter, barometer, water-resistance up to 30 meters, and a depth meter for snorkeling.

The textile straps on this watch comply with the highest military standard, ensuring durability and being manufactured in the United States.

Suunto Core Alpha Stealth 5

Price and Availability

The military-inspired outdoor watch is marketed starting from $299 and is currently in stock on the official Suunto Website. Any interested parties can also visit Suunto regional website and Suunto official dealers around the globe.

Suunto Core Alpha Stealth 2

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