TAG Heuer Connected Super Mario

Tag Heuer Connected Super Mario 6

Tag Heuer recently launched a special edition smartwatch. The special edition smartwatch is adopting the theme of one of the popular video games. More specifically, the latest Tag Heuer smartwatch is themed on a video game made by Nintendo, Super Mario.

Tag Heuer Connected Super Mario 1


For Tag Heuer, the announcement of a special edition smartwatch with video game concept is not the first time. Several years ago, the watchmaker also released a special edition smartwatch with Gran Turismo in 2017.

Now, for the umpteenth time, Tag Heuer has reportedly released a special edition smartwatch, which this time is themed on the Super Mario.

Tag Heuer Connected Super Mario 4


Tag Heuer designed the special edition smartwatch in one of their smartwatch series, Connected. Regarding its form, the Tag Heuer x Super Mario smartwatch has two straps, each with a different color and material.

The first strap is a combination of red black and leather, while the second strap is red with rubber material. Owner can take turns using the two straps by replacing them independently.

Tag Heuer Connected Super Mario 5

Furthermore, this special edition smartwatch entitled Connected x Super Mario has a fairly wide diameter, which is 45mm. In the watch face, Tag Heuer embeds various UI themed Super Mario video games. As for the operating system, the smartwatch uses Google’s Android wearOS.

Tag Heuer Connected Super Mario 2

Price and Availability

The price of this Super Mario special edition smartwatch is around $ 2,150. Unfortunately, those who are interested in buying the Tag Heuer smartwatch is not gonna get their hands on it since Tag Heuer has sold the only 2,000 units available worldwide.

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