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This summer, in Tokyo, Oakley Kato will make its debut at the most important sporting event in the world: the Olympic Games. Team Oakley finalists will wear Oakley Kato to unleash their superpowers and win the coveted gold medal.


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Guarantee of new heights of performance, Oakley Kato lenses continues to revolutionize the face of sport, making the wearer feel at the top. The exclusive design follows the contours of the face, ensuring flawless adherence and hitherto unattainable performance.

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Equipped with an unprecedented enveloping structure, born from an avant-garde production process, it is characterized by a frameless architecture, an innovative lens inclination system and multiple fins, all qualities that allow it to adapt better to any type of face.

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The angle of the lens of these Kato glasses can be adjusted from the hilt of the handle. The handle of Oakley Kato is wrapped in Unobtanium rubber which has been used by other Oakley eyewear products and has a good grip even though the head is sweating.



Together with Prizm lens technology, Oakley Kato offers athletes optimized coverage and a wider field of view. The lenses, designed to optimize colors and contrasts, result in a vision that is richer in detail.

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Oakley Kato uses the latest Oakley innovation in the optical field, PhysioMorphic Geometry. Inspired by human experience and the laws of nature, this technology takes its cue from previous Oakley innovations to create eyewear designed and developed in the name of freedom from any form of constraint.

The result is a frameless design that reproduces the structural properties of a normal frame, with extremely enveloping and adherent lenses and the right rigidity at strategic points.

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Price and Availability

Oakley Kato is priced at $ 291 and will be available at official online stores and selected Oakley stores worldwide.

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