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With the popularization of UHD DVDs and other resources, coupled with the popularity of streaming video platforms, Bang & Olufsen is pushing on the limit with the release of Beovision Contour.

The shape design implements the brand’s simplicity and fashion. More importantly, Beovision Contour integrates its own Beosound Stage sound system, which is directly connected through the built-in speaker.

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Although the Danish Bang & Olufsen audio-visual products have always pursued simplicity, they have never lost their elegance and elegance, and their design tends to be humanized. This time the Beovision Contour series 4K OLED TVs are no exception.

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For example, the aluminum frame can be selected in gold, silver, or black. The speaker mask under the screen can also be replaced with fabric or dark and light tones of oak.

In addition, the customer can choose different brackets to hang on the wall according to the living room. The table or floor is placed in a way, in other words, there is a high degree of freedom from color, material to placement, which makes this TV easier to integrate into the home.

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Beovision Contour introduces a 48-inch model suitable for most families in order to cater to the needs of different users. However, in recent years, the brand’s smallest TV has been added by 55 inches a few days ago, giving users one more choice.

Like the 4K OLED TVs previously launched by the same factory, the Beovision Contour series uses LG OLED panel technology and supports Dolby Vision IQ, HDR10, HLG, and other HDR formats. Regardless of color reproduction, light and dark contrast, the picture quality is quite solid.

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As mentioned above, another selling point of the Beovision Contour series TV is the integration of its prestigious Beosound Stage sound system. When you remove the speaker mask under the screen, you will find that the new work is equipped with as many as eleven speaker units, respectively.

There are three 3/4-inch tweeters, four 1.5-inch midranges, and four 4-inch woofers, each driven by independent amplifiers. This three-channel audio system supports Dolby Atmos panoramic sound and Dolby TrueHD sound effects. Not only is the volume extremely abundant, but the low frequency can even dive to 30Hz.

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Price and Availability

The Beovision Contour is available in five different shades – Grey Melangé, Natural Grey Melangé, Smoked Oak, Light Oak 48″ and 55″. As for the pricing the All-in-one OLED TV is marketed starting from $6,575.

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