LG SIGNATURE OLED T 4K: A Revolutionary Transparent Wireless TV

2024 CES OLED T KV PR Final

LG Electronics has taken a giant leap in home entertainment with the unveiling of the LG SIGNATURE OLED T at CES 2024. This groundbreaking product is the world’s first wireless transparent OLED TV, offering a unique blend of aesthetic elegance and technological innovation. The OLED T is not just a TV; it’s a transformative piece of technology that redefines the screen experience.

Design and Display: A Seamless Integration

The LG SIGNATURE OLED T boasts a 77-inch transparent 4K OLED screen, designed to harmonize with any living space. When turned off, the TV is practically invisible, blending seamlessly into its surroundings and solving the longstanding issue of the ‘big black screen’ in living rooms. This transparent display not only adds to the aesthetic value of the space but also creates an illusion of a larger, more open area.

Placement Flexibility and Modular Design

One of the most striking features of the OLED T is its placement versatility. Unlike conventional TVs that need to be wall-mounted or placed against a wall, the OLED T can be positioned anywhere in the room, even serving as a room divider or being propped against a window without obstructing the view. This flexibility is made possible by the Zero Connect Box, which uses advanced wireless transmission technology to deliver 4K images and sound to the TV, eliminating the need for cables.

The OLED T also offers various installation options, including stand-alone, against-the-wall, or wall-mount setups. Customers can further personalize their experience by adding standing or floating shelves on either side of the screen.

Dual Viewing Experiences and Enhanced Performance

LG’s transparent OLED TV provides dual viewing experiences – transparent and opaque. The Always-On-Display (AOD) feature allows the OLED T to serve as a transparent digital canvas for artwork, videos, or photos. Additionally, the T-Bar feature displays news alerts, weather updates, or song titles along the lower part of the screen.

For a more traditional viewing experience, users can activate the contrast screen with a button click, instantly switching to LG OLED’s enhanced picture quality powered by the new α (Alpha) 11 AI processor. This processor offers a 70% improvement in graphic performance and a 30% faster processing speed compared to its predecessor.

Redefining Home Entertainment

The LG SIGNATURE OLED T is not just a TV; it’s a statement piece that redefines the concept of home entertainment. It offers unparalleled freedom in curating living spaces, backed by LG’s award-winning OLED technology. This innovative product is a testament to LG’s commitment to consumer-driven innovation and marks a new chapter in the television industry.

Source: LG Newsroom

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