Surge by eMotion Motors – The Passion for High-Performance Electric Vehicles

Surge By Emotion Motors 4

Coimbatore-based start-up eMotion Motors has revealed the model of its first product, Surge, geared electric cruiser. The dispatch has been intended to be simulcast with the World Environment Day.

Surge By Emotion Motors 4

eMotion Motors was set up in 2011 by Pranav Singanapalli. The startup needs to consolidate the enthusiasm for superior vehicles with a groundbreaking that will be perfected with proficient vitality sources.


The author and Chief Executive of eMotion Motors asserted that Surge would be India’s first geared electric motorcycle, which he additionally claims to have 40 new inventive highlights, particularly for Indian streets. The eMotion Surge was created over a time of seven years and has experienced 30,000 kilometers of thorough testing.

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The name eMotion originates from the way that the movement is controlled electrically. Second, it likewise alludes to ’emotions’, which separates people from robots.


It has a 40 Ah lithium-particle battery pack which will give it a scope of 100 kilometers on a solitary charge. The organization will likewise offer a range extender battery pack, which will expand the range on the bicycle to 200 kilometers. The battery will have an express charging time of 30 minutes.

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The maker says that the electric bike will have a top speed of 120 km/h and will do the 0-60 km/h run in under 4 seconds. The Surge makes 28 Nm of torque at the engine and an amazing 517 Nm in the driver’s seat.


In the same way, as other electric bikes, the eMotion Surge too will bolster smartphone connection. The bike will likewise have a 7-inch LED touchscreen instrument board, which will demonstrate a wide range of data required by the rider.

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Surge will right now be accessible in two variations, with the best variation speed and power. A portion of the highlights of this electric motorcycle incorporates over-the-air updates, geo-fencing, navigation, cloud-connectivity and anti-theft tech as well. The company will also offer a low-speed reverse gear on the bike. the bicycle.

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