Gurkha LAPV From Terradyne Built Another Perspective of Light Armored Patrol Vehicle

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A car is a means of transportation that now continues to develop with the latest technology. As the development progresses, the car in the present day looks much more sophisticated, whether it is seen from outside or the exterior, or the interior. The automotive manufacturers keep on competing to be able to present the best and safest car for the VIP personnel.

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In front of these important people, automotive manufacturers present a car with a high level of resistance, or rather, a bulletproof car. Where cars that fall into this category, in addition to having a luxury that is above average, these cars are also strong in the form of extra durability, which can minimize unwanted things on a maximum trip.

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Terradyne Armored Vehicles is the company behind the success of Gurkha LAPV as one of the best bulletproof cars in the world. This car has a 6.7 Liter V8 Turbo Diesel engine that can produce 330 Horsepower and 750 lb-ft of torque.


The Impenetrable Car

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The engine is integrated with an automatic 6-speed transmission and all the wheels support ABS technology. Security issues on this car are not be doubted, because Gurkha LAPV is an armored car that can withstand B7 / STANAG 2 bullet attacks.

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This car is built from the Ford F550 platform, making it easy to find the parts should it need to be changed. Gurkha LAPV has a hollow wall that is also designed to provide protection against explosive materials.


Tactical and Protection

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Drivers and passengers are protected by two-layer steel walls, including on the floor. With all its advantages, the Gurkha weighs almost 2,041 kg, which makes it a perfect choice for mobile protection and tactics.

Gurkha Lapv From Terradyne 6

The design interior is stripped down as indicated by the client’s needs, but the automaker is upbeat to stack in the demigod prerequisites. Diversion frameworks, custom paint hues – it’s all yours in the event that you can stretch your financial plan for at least $280,000.

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