Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost: The Best Car in The World Meet The Original 1906 Silver Ghost Concept

Rolls Royce Silver Ghost 8

Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost becomes a car that forms Rolls-Royce’s reputation as the ‘Best Car in the World’. Commemorating one of her artistic models, Rolls-Royce launched a limited edition Bespoke Ghost dubbed “Silver Ghost Collection.” This limited edition was made limited to only 35 units.

Rolls Royce Silver Ghost 8

Matthew Butt, Silver Ghost Product Manager, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, said the car was made with high-level expertise to produce a charming Ghost interior and exterior.


The 1911 Marquee

Rolls Royce Silver Ghost 7

Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost showcases the chic creations made by the marque since 1911. Some parts stunningly display the past heritage such as the specially made Hallmark AX201 sign, registration plate of the original ‘Silver Ghost’, marked on the bottom of each black muse and tire which is the unique identity of this collection.

Rolls Royce Silver Ghost 6

The detail identity includes the Cassiopeia Silver paint color which is the original Silver Ghost trademark color, variations made from copper which are widely used in the classic car engine space of its predecessor and exclusive logo in the center of the wheel.

Rolls Royce Silver Ghost 5

But the new Silver Ghost Collection will not be a truly special Rolls-Royce model without the touch of other characteristics. Therefore, this luxury car also features a Spirit of Ecstasy made of solid silver, engraved chrome wheel center circumference, coachline with pure silver particles, as well as various other exclusive knick-knacks.

Rolls Royce Silver Ghost 4Rolls Royce Silver Ghost 2

In the interior side, there is a placard that reads Silver Ghost Collection – One of Thirty-Five, which informs the production number of the 35 units created, as well as signifying the features and uniqueness of the car.


The Luxury Heritage

Rolls Royce Silver Ghost 1

Almost all of the aspect on this new limited-edition Rolls Royce is the derivate form of its ancestor which is why the classic theme is taking its place on almost anywhere. But fear not the British automaker didn’t forget to embed almost all the latest technology on this car.

Rolls Royce Silver Ghost 3

Rolls-Royce hasn’t announced pricing information, but it’s no surprise that this very luxurious vehicle manufacturer labels its products at fantastic prices, especially considering that only 35 units will be built for the whole world.

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