Arevo Became The Pioneer of 3D Printed Bike

Arevo 3d Bike 3

Arevo Inc, a Silicon Valley startup with sponsorship from the funding arm of the Central Intelligence Agency has delivered what it says is the world’s first carbon fiber bike with a 3-D printed outline.

Arevo 3d Bike 3

Commonly, carbon fiber bicycles are costly to make since it requires laying singular layers of carbon fiber impregnated with a pitch around a shape of the bicycle’s edge by hand. The edge at that point gets prepared in a broiler to liquefy the sap and tie the carbon fiber sheets together.

Arevo 3d Bike 5

But the technology possessed by Arevo make the bicycle frame in one piece and eventually other parts of the bicycle could be printed, as well. It took about two weeks to build the bike — which is a lot quicker than the usual labor-intensive method of piecing together carbon fiber strips.

Arevo 3d Bike 4

A mechanical arm and turning table utilize a laser to warm the thermoplastic material and frame it into the one of a kind bike shape. The design for the bicycle, or different items, is contribution through the product and after that, it’s “lights out” while the robot does its thing. Customized bikes for different sizes, or close-to-exact replicas of replacement parts for naval equipment, are easy to make using this method.

Arevo 3d Bike 2

“Arevo is at an exciting inflection point in its business right now,” said Arevo’s newly appointed CEO, Jim Miller who used to work for Amazon and Google. “We have the technology, team, and tools to commercialize our software and fabrication process to build high strength parts that the manufacturing industry hasn’t been able to conceive and construct before.”

Arevo 3d Bike 1

While the carbon fiber bicycle means that what Arevo‘s equipment and programming are prepared to do, it can likewise apparently fabricate items as substantial as the fuselage of an airplane. It can likewise 3D print parts for space vehicles and other complex machines, as well.

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