SensaLab™: Collecting Your Data Faster than Ever Before

SensaLab™ 13

SensaLab™ is the best product for you to collect your data faster than before. With the joint power of Digital Mouse™ and Ai.Family, SensaLab™ will give you a real-time in research with 24 hours easy monitoring. Here are 13 different products from SensaLab™ that you can choose based on your need for collecting data.


SensaLab™ 13

You can use Ai.D™ to track and also manage your ID application process easier and faster. You will know who is who without any big errors. There is no side effect and statistical impact. Ai.D™ lasts a lifetime with permanent benefits.



SensaLab™ 8

Ai.Control™ offers an awesome control system to manage Ai.Tag™ and Ai.Ink™. You can avoid ID misreading and reduce the error rates. You also don’t need to increase the sample size for getting required data set.



SensaLab™ 1

This modular designed device will inject the system of Digital Tag™ automatically. It has a low impact on the tail of rats, pups, and mice. With higher productivity, accurate and auditable data, easy to use, you can use this product to improved animal welfare and reduce animal stress.



SensaLab™ 2

Ai.Ink™ is a modular device that efficient to apply visual identification of rats, pups, and mice. It uses sensors to tattoo, make sure that the visual identification comes in clear and permanent result. It is accurate, no side effects, easy to read, and also readable with all rodents.



SensaLab™ 11

Ai.Inject™ has the single-use disposable cartridge and a reusable handheld unit. With the 21-gauge needle, you can implant the faster and painlessly. It will give you an easier injecting process without any sharps disposal.


Digitail Tag™

SensaLab™ 12

Digitail Tag™ will protect your investment in devices. It has a humane insertion process that takes the animal welfare to the RFID Tags new level. Digitail Tag™ is secure, easily read, small, powerful, and also affordable with its low price.



SensaLab™ 3

Ai.Cloud™ offers a vivarium management platform and complete research in three different modules. The modules are Ai.Analytics™, Ai.Colony™, and Ai.Study™. You can access all of research system suite on computer, tablet, or smartphone.



SensaLab™ 9

Ai.Connect™ provides you with some multiple connection options for all device types. It is faster and also easier to manage your animal ID integration with the observations. Ai.Connect™ is also accurate and auditable with a real-time information.



SensaLab™ 7

This one is a smart product. Ai.Swipe™ is used when you want to associate and collect the experimental data together with a specific animal’s record too. It offers fast identification, accurate data, and also improved your workflow well.



SensaLab™ 6

You can connect Ai.Study™ with Ai.Connect™ to input and automated data collection as you need. It is an effective management platform for studying. It is easy to stand out your grant publications and applications with accurate result.



SensaLab™ 5

You can use Ai.Colony™ to use the platform for collecting vivarium management data and greater breadth. It will improve the insights of the environmental impacts. It is very easy to install and also easy to integrate the internal systems.



SensaLab™ 10

This product has two readers that can enable reading the Digitail Tags™. It can be used for your animals in a cage and also help you to count and confirm them automatically. It is very easy and fast to use with an accurate and auditable feature.



SensaLab™ 4

Ai.Analytics™ is the best thing to build your data quickly and easily. You don’t need to have database servers. You just need to focus on the analysis. It offers full control, high performance, real-time analysis, and also convenient storage.

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