Lumen: Help You to Lose Weight in An Easy Way

Lumen 5

You can know how healthy your body is with this awesome device. Lumen will help you to lose weight in an easy way by checking your metabolism with your single breath. You can receive some meal plans for losing weight and also choosing the best workouts for you.


Lumen 5

You can easily track and monitor your metabolism with Lumen. With your single breath, you will know what kind of foods that you should eat. It is also a useful product for everyone who needs to lose weight and reach their best fitness goals.


Real Time

Lumen 6

It is very easy to track your metabolism in a real time. You just need to breathe into Lumen, check your metabolism in your smartphone, then you will get a daily plan that fits your body.



Lumen 3

Lumen will help you to customize your nutrition. It will give you a daily personalized meal plan according to your metabolism. You will exactly know what food to be eaten.



Lumen 7

Some foods give different impacts to your body. Lumen will give you some information about those impacts when you eat. It will help you to prevent any disadvantages to reach your health goals.



Lumen 8

Lumen saves your yesterday’s choices and inform you of the impact for the next day. Once you wake up in the morning, you can see how your metabolism condition after yesterday’s activity.



Lumen 2

Lumen is also designed to give you an information about your body energy. It can help you to optimize your workouts and get fit. You may need to fuel up when it seems you don’t have enough energy.


Answer Questions

Lumen 4

When you need to ask something, Lumen can help you to find the best answers. You can have more knowledge about how to get fits every day and how to keep your body healthy.

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