Trident: The Best Underwater Gadget to Experience the Underwater Like Never Before

Trident Underwater Scooter 1

In the past, when people said the wanted to go to the beach they may very well take their towel and swimming garments to the shoreline alongside a scoop and container. But now the technology has emitted in modernity and now the entire new encounters can be found under the water.

Trident Underwater Scooter 1

Geneinno, one of these pioneers concentrated and specialized on underwater gear and the maker of the Titan underwater drone, declared they will dispatch their most up to date underwater gadget dubbed the Trident.

Trident Underwater Scooter 2

The Trident enables scuba jumpers to achieve profundities of up to 164ft (50m) and has two diverse speed settings. Indeed, even noob level swimmers will have the capacity to coast through the water easily by utilizing the Trident.

Trident Underwater Scooter 3

“Trident helps people get rid of underwater restrictions. Even for people who [aren’t confident about swimming] can cruise through the water like a mermaid or dolphin with the help of Trident,” claim Joey Han representative of Geneinno.

Trident Underwater Scooter 5

Not to be confused with OpenROV’s Trident underwater drone, the neutrally-buoyant Trident is promoted as a “scooter”. One 1.5-hour charge of its 24V/6,000-mAh lithium battery pack ought to be useful for a guaranteed one hour of utilization. A pointer tells clients when the charge level is getting low.

Trident Underwater Scooter 4


  • Safely go to a depth of 50m
  • Two speeds settings (3.6km/h and 7km/h) making it suitable for beginners at a touch
  • Running time of around 60 mins
  • Offers an extension support for GoPro so you can record everything underwaterShare the best recordings with friends and family.
  • Safety child lock to prevent idle hands from misusing the device.
  • 12kg of thrust with a power of 180/480w

Intrigued customers can enroll in the Trident Indiegogo Page. The cost on Indiegogo will be half off. The Trident isn’t only for use at the beach. It can likewise be utilized in swimming pools, scuba jumping, and water parks.

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