Portable Battery Chargers: The Best Chargers for Fast-Charging Anywhere

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It is the best collection of portable battery chargers for your need. This collection comes from Go Nimble with four different types, 10k Portable Charger, 13k Portable Charger, 20k Portable Charger, and 26k Portable Charger. Those portable battery chargers are perfect for your Android, Samsung, Apple, and USB-powered devices.

Fast Charge

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This product is designed with premium batteries. The power is up to 30W with a compact design. It makes the charging more optimize for all USB types of devices. If you use Apple iPhone, it is better to charge it via USB type-C PD for 3 times faster charging.



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You can use this portable battery charger for some devices at the same time with 4 power output ports. Each charger is designed with a high-speed USB-C port. It can deliver QC 3.0 for Samsung and also 18W PD speeds for some devices.



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You will never have a problem with cables again. Your device cable with automatically attach to the bottom part of the charger. The storage strap is soft and also detachable.



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The LED technology offers a tri-colored light system. It can show the levels of the current battery and also the charge status. The LED will glow green when it indicates charging and turn into an orange color for the fast-charging mode.

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