Arash Shahbaz: Dutch Industrial Designer with Award Winning Portfolio

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Arash Shahbaz is a Dutch industrial designer. The Iran-born designer started studying industrial product design at the University of Arnhem in 2009 and graduated four years later. With his work, he then got certificates for enterprise during a minor study.

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With his vast and broad design, Arash has got an experience in joining several firms that are known for its’ design capabilities. As an industrial product designer, he created lots of prototype and designs which is astonishing in its own way.


Pulcinella Competizione

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The Pulcinella Competizione is an individual venture in view of the consistent Pulcinella. Arash needed to try different things with an auto that is more centered around speed. In this way he decides to took the Pulcinella and made some change in accordance by making it a racing car. This meant more carbon fiber parts to lessen the wight.

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The designer also did an adjustment in benefit of the aerodynamics. The Competizione had a front splitter and front air intakes for better airflow and cooling. The roof has a dual air scoop to provide more air to the back for cooling. At the rear of the Competizione, we have the active aerodynamics flaps with an extended diffuser for more stability.

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The specialized act needed to changes the presence of the auto which is likewise changed to look more forceful which accommodates its objective as a racing car. The Competizione has a matte dark complete, orange subtle elements and exposed carbon fiber parts.


Lamborghini Ferruccio

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Planning a forceful looking auto is simple. In any case, getting request all the confusion is hard and takes a great deal of training. This is the motivation behind why Arash began the Ferruccio project.

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After having his research on Lamborghini, the designer decided that the Ferruccio should unquestionably look like a Lamborghini and yet combine my personal design signature. Elegant lines that go throughout the car, with a clear start and end, creating a coherence design.

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Arash Shahbaz 22

He likewise includes his own signature plan by moving the best in the edges of the Ferruccio. Inspired by the ‘Blossom of Life’ the complete result is exceptionally exquisite.


Poseidon Yacht

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Arash Shahbaz 20

The Poseidon is named after the divine force of the seas. Poseidon is an extravagance yacht which consolidates the affection for extravagance and speed. With the capacity to move at high speeds through the seas, allows the user to escape the mainland and enjoy the peace of the seas with friends and loved ones.

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The sun deck enables the clients to appreciate the sun. On the upper deck, the explorers have the chance to appreciate the nearness of companions, family, nourishment and beverages around the roundtable.


Aeolus Jet

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The Aeolus stream, named after the lord of the wind, is intended to blend with the skies. Aeolus enables the voyagers to get on with style and extravagance. The objective was to plan unique yet rich shapes for the Aeolus. This prompted the vital and exquisite line all through the front of the fly to the tail, taking after a theoretical state of wind.

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The search for original shapes led to the dual tail wing. This is a surprising and original shape which still meets the functional requirements. The double hollow inserted engines lead to a single exhaust which demands the attention from a rear view angle.


Gazelle Bicycle Lamp

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The plan for the front lamp was made for Gazelle’s Goldline arrangement. These are costly and lightweight bikes made out of the best materials. While attempting to outline a light which is anything but difficult to collect, the originator picked the sliding technique that will move different parts in the main housing.

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By using a thigh fitting no other fastening is needed and the parts will not vibrate. The lamp has rubber closures by which the lamp is closed. The On/Off button is located on the top of the main housing. The light around the button indicates the battery status.

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The principle lodging can be snapped from the standard. This was the light can be put away securely and makes it conceivable to supplant the batteries. By utilizing SolidWorks programming, the front lamp configuration is actually fit and ought to be prepared for mass production.


Hema Coffee Maker

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The Bamboo3 is a coffeemaker which just uses the required small energy to warm up water for some espresso, and not the entire tank. The body around the console is produced using bamboo.

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The Bamboo3 has fewer parts compared to most coffeemakers, this way less material is needed to produce the Bamboo3. The console is made out of recycled polypropylene this way no new plastic is needed for production.

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With its proficient bundling, there will be way less fuel and space required amid the transportation. The body around the comfort is made out of two pieces, and put in the crate minimalistically.


Incendi Candle Holders

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The outline for the Corallo is taken by observing a coral, utilizing the external states of a coral. The impact is coming by impressions of light on the water surface. All Incendi items are created by a 3D printing method.

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The objective was to make a second Incendi that was less expensive contrasted with the Corallo. By decreasing the material, the Forza is three times less expensive than Corallo. The idea for outlining the Forza originate from the impacts of the Corallo while keep making it less expensive.


Electric Carver

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Carver wanted to develop a vehicle that meets the following requirements: compact, comfortable, cheap, electric, spacious and safe. The goal was to design a compact electric vehicle for use in cities. The vehicle has room for three, the driver on the front seat and the passengers in the back seat.

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There is additionally a baggage space in the back, which can be opened from the back. With four entryways the vehicle can be effortlessly utilized as a little taxi.

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Along these lines, it can likewise be utilized as a transportation or courier. The three compartment outline of the outside empowers to deliver distinctive variety in light of a similar vehicle.

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