MUWI: Capture Cinematic Videos anywhere and at anytime!

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Barely any dollies – the wheeled film apparatus use to catch smooth flat camera shots – fit in a back pocket. An adorable little gadget called MUWI does it and is good to go on the arrangement of your next flick.

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The first stash measured dolly for cell phones and cameras makes it feasible for everybody to catch true to film. With a retractable holder and patent-pending rotational legs, MUWI enables you to accomplish straight and bent angle with just a single instrument.


Suitable For Everyone

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Regardless of whether you’re a master or a novice filmmaker, MUWI makes proficient videography accessible to anybody, anyplace and whenever. MUWI is convenient. You can without much of a stretch accomplish truck, dish and dolly shots.

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The basic MUWI unit allows you to manually slide and dolly your phone in a straight line or along a curve. You just slip your phone in, and then adjust the angle of the wheels to give you the movement that you need.


Add on and Kickstarter

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As of now financing through Kickstarter, the MUWI has officially crushed its $35,000 objective and presently sits at $609,039. Costs for the MUWI begin at $39 for the early bird model, however, there is a pack of additional items accessible, as well, including an engine to robotize your developments.

App Supported

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Muwi App is a work in progress and will come soon with a firmware update to your Flow X. With the assistance of the App, the owner will be ready to control the cameras more exact and more brilliant. MUWI and the additional items, together, is the most smooth, convenient and simple to utilize videography gadgets at any point planned.


One of a Kind Gadgets

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The total unit with the slider, engine, remote control and 1/4-20″ ball head connector is currently sold out at the $209. So on the off chance that you need that, it’ll be $239, which is 40% off the customary retail cost – which implies we can expect the last cost for the total package when it goes on the generic deal to be around $399.

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