Patriot Campers LC79 Super Tourer – Dominate the Landscape

Patriot Campers Lc79 Super Tourer 3

Anybody hoping to experience into the wild should be set up in one vehicle that will ensure you have the edge over nature. Based on the GXL Toyota Landcruiser Patriot Campers LC79 Super Tourer is a tremendously customizable rough terrain beast.

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In light of an extremely competent rough terrain stage with V8 turbo diesel control, the LC79 Supertourer has been taken by Patriot Campers to an unheard of level in style, ability, and solace while as yet holding the manufacturing sponsored guarantee on any unmodified embellishments.

So whether you’re into 4-wheel-driving or off and on street, Patriot Campers LC79 will dependably suit your need.

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As per the Australian-modifier this utility vehicle ‘is definitely not standard’, and even the ‘standard’ model satisfies this charging, pressing more convenient survival highlights than a swiss-army knife.


The standard level ‘LC79’ is furnished like an extravagance survival vehicle highlighting: a more hearty super tourer body; 300 mm frame expansion; bespoke EFS suspension; ROH wheels with Mickey Thompson tires; TJM barwork; twofold winches; in addition to a Hema ‘HN7’ route navigator,

Patriot Campers Lc79 Super Tourer 5 Patriot Campers Lc79 Super Tourer 3

With an authoritative look following your vehicles shapes, the Supertourer’s interestingly styled and practical body looks the business with shading coordinated tool stash and headboard infill on black features.

Patriot Campers Lc79 Super Tourer 6

The body is made completely from Aluminium ensuring the expected lifespan. Lightweight and rigid construction methods ensure that you can maximize the payload and towing capacity on your vehicle.

Patriot Campers Lc79 Super Tourer 4

Oversize tool stash house a kitchenette on the traveler side and a noteworthy stockpiling compartment on the driver’s side.

A huge back lockable slide out cabinet can be put to various uses additionally to expand the capacity limit in case you need it.

Patriot Campers Lc79 Super Tourer 2

With a broad rundown of choices, the LC79 can be designed the way you like it. Endless hours or R&D have been put into the Supertourers. The point was to make a tourer that reclassifies cross-country travel and at the same time giving unparallelled solace and comfort. Oh, btw this beast is gonna cost you $94,000, so be prepared!

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