Nautilus Houseboats: An Innovative Houseboats for Peace and Quiet Experience

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Nautilus Houseboats is all you need when you want to have a peace and quiet experience on the water in your home. Nautilus offers not only a Europe’s water worlds in your own home but also gives you the exciting city tours. Since 2010, Nautilus Houseboats is made with more than 30 houseboats types that you can choose completely with the innovative construction. Here some of the boat types.

Nautino Mini

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Nautino Mini is the mini version of the houseboats from Nautilus. It has an exclusive design with the flexible in layout and equipment. This boat doesn’t need any license required. Nautino Mini is a perfect houseboat for families and couples. You can also use it as a weekend home on the water or a lake home.

Nautino Maxi

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Another houseboats type from Nautilus that you can have is Nautino Maxi. It is a special boat for your big family and also friends. With up to 6 persons in the room, you can surely enjoy your boating activity which highly comfortable. There are 2 berths in the roof cabin, 2 single berths too that can be used for 3 persons in the stern cabin, and also another 2 further berths on the couch which is located in the living room.

Nautino Adventure

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Nautino Adventure is a simple houseboat for you who love to have an adventure on the water. This houseboat is designed in minimalist size with the minimalist space too. You can also enjoy the beautiful view of sea or lake by sitting on the boat roof area.


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With the exclusive design and style, Nautilus can gain more attention on the water. You can navigate every waterway in the Europe thanks to the awesome technologies which are used in it. The best thing from Nautilus is the foldable gangways, the foldable cabin, and the convertible roof system.


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Vagabund is the houseboat with the compact design and the clear forms. It is registered as the recreational craft, allows you to have an awesome water touring with all of your family members. According to the creative possibilities, this houseboat can be designed with your personal touch. Vagabund has some rooms for 4 – 6 adults and 2 children. You can also use it as a conference room or an office.


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Ei-Home is designed well by Nautilus as a holiday home only. It offers one floor with living area which is perfect for your best holiday memories. The large window also gives you the best view right from the sauna or the open fire. The roof area is about 50-meter squares that you can also be used as a sundeck.

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