the Q30: The Future of Electric Boating for An Amazing Journey Ever

The Q30 2

If you need a different journey with a boat, you need to have this electric boat from YACHTS called the Q30. It is a future electric boat with an awesome engine and technology. The boat comes with a stylish design and a comfortable space in it. Once you ride the Q30, your amazing journey will start awesomely.


The Q30 2

Q-Yachts founder, Mr. Janne Kjellman, develops a system of silent propulsion for boars over one decade ago. The new electrical propulsion system has been found called the Oceanvolt. This system is used in the boats to provide the most silent motorboat with the smoothest move ever.



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The whole design of Q30 is elegant and also quiet. It comes with a pure comfort for your ride. The boat space is comfortable with its seating area and table. You can enjoy your tea and coffee on this boat in the middle of the sea. The unparalleled hydrodynamics complete this boat design.



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The Q30 leaves nothing behind. It is an electrical boat without any emissions at all. If you use this modern boat every day, it means you also create a healthy environment for you. This friendly-boat will take you to a place with the fresh air.



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This electric boat offers you an amazing interior design. You can relax in the generous cabin which is located hidden under the boat deck. The cabin is full of great facilities like a bed, storage, and also a sink too in a simple white color.



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The Q30 is used Oceanvolt AXC20 electric motor for the engine with 20kW continuous power. The cruising speed is about 9 knots and the maximum speed is about 15 knots. The battery is Oceanvolt 30kWh in a lithium pack.

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