Buddy+: The Second Best Friend for Your Dog

Buddy 12

Designed by Anthouse Robotics, Buddy+ will your dog’s second best friend ever. This awesome robot can play fetch, feed your dog some treats, record a video, and more. Buddy+ will be not only loved by your dog but also yourself. When you need to spend your time alone, you can use this robot to play with your dog.


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Buddy+ is a not only a smart robot but it is also designed with some best features for you and your dog. The features will help you a lot to have your own time apart from your dog. You still can keep your connection with your dog anytime. Here are the best features of Buddy+.



Buddy 9

With a smartphone application which is available for iOS and Android, you will have a full control of Buddy+ for treat dispensing, video recording, speed control and more. You can also take some photos.


Speed Control

Buddy 5

Every dog loves to walk with you. That’s why Buddy+ is also designed with a speed control. You can set it to run, trot, or walk.



Buddy 3

Use the walkie-talkie button to spend a more special moment with your best friend every day. This button is located on the Buddy App that can work through you and your family voice.


Play Fetch

Buddy 1

Your dog will be loved to have Buddy+. It is also designed with a mini tennis ball launcher, the best thing to play fetch with your dog. It is very easy to set how far the ball will launch with the Easy Launch Control.


Treat Dispenser

Buddy 4

You can feed your dog remotely with the treat dispenser. It is very easy to set the size serving and set the amount, from a large size to a small size.


Wireless Automated Charging

Buddy 10

Buddy+ can be charged automatically wirelessly. It is a smart product. When the battery lows, it will return to the wireless charging station and start to charge by itself.


Obstacle Avoidance

Buddy 2

The smart infrared system in Buddy+ can detect any objects nearby. So Buddy+ can avoid them automatically.



Buddy 12

Buddy+ is made from ABC and PC materials. You need 4 hours to charge it with more than 160 minutes of working times. The weight is 6.2 kg with 1.8 inches of display. The working temperature starts from -30 to +60 degree Celcius.




Buddy 13

Buddy+ is available in some colors to chose: yellow and white. Those colors make the whole design of this smart product looks adorable for you and your dogs at home.

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