Hexgears X-1 Mechanical Keyboard Revamps The Alternative for Low Profile Keyboard

Hexgears X 1 Mechanical Keyboard 7

The keyboard might not be the prime object on building good setup but without one, you will be having a bad day by doing anything on your PC. Mac OS or Windows, a keyboard will always be that one low key important factors.

Hexgears X 1 Mechanical Keyboard 7

The X-1 mechanical keyboard is designed with German and controlled by American development. Hexgears and Kono Store are pleased to grandstand its multi-gadget remote availability, high yield RGB backdrop illumination, and perfectly machined aluminum case. The X-1’s versatile shape factor and responsive keys will inspire gamers and experts alike.


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The best and sides of the X-1 are a solitary bit of machined aluminum that shines just so. Be that as it may, it is anything but the best plate with changes mounted to it; it’s only a cover. The switches are really mounted to a dark metal plate underneath.

The top aluminum plate is there to keep things pretty and firm. Indeed, it’s crucial for the stability of the keyboard. If you pick it up and twist it, the keyboard definitely flexes more than one would like, but you won’t notice any issues with flexion while typing.


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Kaihua Choc switches give advantages to gamers and typists. Their position of safety configuration lessens the separation, which can accelerate key presses — a valuable element for gamers. In case you’re coming from a workstation or chiclet console, low profile mechanical switches will feel considerably more agreeable and commonplace than full-size adaptations.


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Using low profile Kaihua Choc switches, the X-1 cuts a strikingly thin profile for a mechanical keyboard, acquiring the aluminum piece state of Apple’s most recent Magic console. The X-1 takes care of that movability issue flawlessly with discrete wired (USB-C) and remote (Bluetooth) modes.

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The X-1 uses a well constructed compact layout and durable, ultra-thin keys. “Choc” switches from Kaihua are rated for 70 million presses, much longer than industry standard Cherry MX switches. There are 3 Kaihua Choc variants in the X-1. Resistance measurements, called force curves, are available for each switch in the charts below.

Choc Brown: gentle, smooth tactile switch
Choc Red: easy to press a linear switch
Choc White: sharp sounding clicky switch with amazing tactility

Inspiration – The Bell X-1

Hexgears X 1 Mechanical Keyboard 1

The Hexgears X-1 is propelled by the world’s first supersonic airplane — the Bell X-1. The console’s wing-like profile, elite portability, blending frameworks, and rucksack based dispatch capacities parallel its unbelievable airplane namesake.

The Compact Alternative – It’s Good But…

Hexgears X 1 Mechanical Keyboard 6

The Hexgears X-1 is a decent alternative for anybody searching for the mechanical keyboard to use with their Apple or Window set up, however, clients searching for a snappy method to emerge from the group might be frustrated. You can’t change any key assignments or program macros.

The lighting is professedly RGB, however, you can’t generally utilize it. Adequately, it’s a 7-shading keyboard. The Hexgears X-1 is strong exertion, yet its deficiencies are enormous ones that will be the dealbreakers for some.



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