Galaxy Home: An Elegant Finish with Powerful Sound for A Personalized Experience

Galaxy Home 6

The elegant finish and sleek silhouette will make all people fall in love with Galaxy Home. This awesome product will complement your home well, you can put it anywhere you want in your home. Galaxy Home is a smart speaker with Bixby that can give you a personalized experience with powerful sound.


Galaxy Home 6

Galaxy Home 5

Galaxy Home comes with a modern design and elegant finish. The shape makes it perfect to be used to decor your home too. You can put it on the table in your living room or bedroom. It has three legs that can make it stands perfectly on its place.



Galaxy Home 4

This awesome product from Samsung is the only AI speaker today. It will move the sound wave rightly to you when you ask it to. You can listen to every sound from it clearly with a high quality that you will never get from other speakers.



Galaxy Home 3

Galaxy Home is built with SmartThings hub that allows you to sync it with your smart home devices automatically. Your days will be easier from locking doors to turning off the lights, or even starting your dishwasher before you go to bed.



Galaxy Home 2

Galaxy Home 1

This speaker has three legs that can make it stands perfectly wherever you put it at home. You can put it on a table or a shelf. At a glance, Galaxy Home doesn’t look like a speaker. That’s why it looks stylish to be a decoration of your home interior.

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