AK-1: A New Concept Design of Automatic Folding Electric Bike

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This automatic folding electric bike concept design is created by Ronsben Huen. AK-1 can be a new generation of your personal mobility in using a futuristic transportation. You use this foldable electric bike easily anywhere and anytime. AK-1 will make your outdoor activities easier and also faster.


AK 1 3

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The inspiration of AK-1 comes from triangles, a symbol of speed and stability. The designer wants this electric bike to have an aggression sense with a cool technology too. That’s why the design is not only stylish but also stronger than other electric bikes.



AK 1 1

AK 1 7

The main concept of AK-1 is not only about its foldable design but also its technology in speed. This bike can reach 20 MPH for the speeds for more than 22 miles only with a single charge. It will make your busy day feels much easier.



AK 1 2

This project has been updated with an idea to make AK-1 is fully automatic folding electric bike ever. It has been redesigned on its shape and also structure. The new update is made by adding two linear actuators for the folding purposes into this bike body.



AK 1 6

You just need to press a button which is located on the seat bar to folding AK-1. It will not give you a complicated folding system that you often found on other folding bikes. This update also comes with a USB smart charging output function and also a Bluetooth speaker too.



AK 1 4

Today, you can have one of this awesome electric bikes. AK-1 was launched for the first time in 2017. It is very lightweight to be carried on and also easy to be put on the train. A perfect personal mobility in an urban city.

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