Vintage Electric Cafe: A Commuter e-Bike Rebooted with Removable Battery

Vintage Electric Cafe 1

Vintage Electric Cafe will give all your needs for a bike. It is a commuter e-bike rebooted with a removable battery design. The technology design is equivalent to a 500 HP V8 and with the 3X power of its competitors, Vintage Electric Cafe walks without any sounds. You will have a great journey every day when you have this bike.


Vintage Electric Cafe 3

This e-bike is designed with a ferocious power plant with the best performance in speed and acceleration. All features of a commuter have been amplified by the vintage-inspired aesthetics and electric drivetrain. Vintage Electric Cafe has its own lane as e-Bike.

Vintage Electric Cafe 5

Vintage Electric Cafe has 750w torque-sensing drivetrain. It is completed with pedal assist and 5 adjustable levels. These levels will make sure that you can get what you want in riding a bike. You can go around the block without any difficulties.



Vintage Electric Cafe 1

Vintage Electric Cafe 4

The best thing about Vintage Electric Cafe is its removable battery. This aluminum battery allows you to have an easy removal and easy recharge for 2 hours. You can use this e-bike for 20 to 60 miles with a lot of happiness and smiles.



Vintage Electric Cafe 2

Vintage Electric Cafe is available in two basic designs, Golden Gate Red and Skyline Bronze. Just build your own style of bike and but it easily. Vintage Electric Bikes offers you an awesome opportunity to have a bike with your design wish.

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