Karmic OSLO: The Bike of the Future!

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Technological advances have already penetrated into various aspects of our lives, including in the realm of transportation. Now, having a bike does not really mean that you need to pedal because there are a lot of electric bikes that will facilitate you to roam the city.

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Choosing the best electric bike is gonna be a hard job, so prioritizing your needs and relate the features of the product to your needs is the only way you can choose one particular e-bike. On that point, Karmic has patented a modern and minimalist design that they embedded on their bikes called OSLO.

OSLO is able to get you to your destination quickly, safely and pleasantly. The saddle is made wide and long which gives a memorable cycling experience in the afternoon. In addition, there is a place under the seat that is useful for storing your smartphone and wallet.

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Simply put, OSLO is a second-class electric bicycle that has a maximum speed of 20mph which can be electronically limited. When going downhill, the bike will run faster, but the motor will only help up to 20mph. A standard battery package is also embedded to provide power up to 20 miles.

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The e-bike that made its debut through Kickstarter has 3 pedal assist levels, namely Eco, Normal and Boost. In addition, there is a throttle that can be used whenever needed. The throttle is good for getting out of the lane quickly and staying ahead of traffic.

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Karmic OSLO has a hydroformed aluminum chassis with thermoplastic bodywork, similar to a bumper. The rugged wheels are suitable to pass through bumps and holes. The wider pneumatic tires provide a comfortable driving experience.

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Karmic embeds hydraulic disc brakes on the front and rear to provide maximum security. In addition, the integrated headlamps are always on (DRL), while the taillights not only increase the rider’s visibility but are also active when you stop.

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Recharging the battery is quite easy, you only need to lift the saddle and pull it out to fully recharge it. The installation can be done in less than 30 minutes. OSLO has also adapted a quick charging technology to decrease the amount of time needed to recharge the bike.


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