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The electric bicycle manufacturer from China is back with a folding concept bike. It’s still based on the D11, but the Fiido X e-folding bike goes even further.


Fiido is not a very famous brand as an e-bike manufacturer, but everything change since the launch of Fiido D11 last year that attention has been paid to the design of the rather cheap and surprisingly light electric bicycles from China.

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Incidentally, this model was also Fiido’s first very successful crowdfunding campaign, which brought almost 900,000 euros into the company’s coffers in 2020. rolex sky dweller replica

With the Fiido X, the successor has been on the program since July, which should score points with a new folding design, torque sensor, and even more range.

It is also interesting for EU citizens that the Fiido X is apparently delivered without a so-called throttle, as the gas lever, i.e. does not run without pedal support, which is a classic obstacle to the conformity of many Chinese cheap e-bikes with the pedelec guidelines in EU countries.

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The Fiido X e-folding bike has an alloy frame so it is just logical it only weighs 3 kg. Meanwhile, the frame also plays a role in storing the mechanical control system, as well as electrical cables and slings hidden in the frame, which distinguishes it from the D11.

Unlike most electric bike models available on the market, the Fiido X, despite being foldable, has a hinge-disguising system, giving a continuous design appearance in magnesium alloy.

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Then there is a rear and front light system that integrates perfectly with the entire structure. The bike comes with an innovative power supply, with batteries placed on the saddle mast.

It has no exposed wires, which improves the appearance, and even has an innovative torque system with 40N/m. The battery is 417.6Wh has a combined autonomy of up to 130 km, which is immense when compared to much of the competition that walks in the order of 80/90 km of combined autonomy. The Fiido X electric bike is also equipped with a 7-speed mechanical transmission system.

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The security system also assumes itself as unique. Instead of having a key, there is a security code, with an associated anti-theft function.

Ideally, there was integration with a mobile app and it could arrive early next year, with features that go beyond bike monitoring, such as a social aspect, where Fiido bike users can share their experiences.


The crowdfunding campaign ends last month and now, the bikemaker is on the shipping period where the process started since early September 2021.

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