Carbo: a Premium, Life Changing Electric Bike

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The electric bicycle market is the main trend in 2018 and with increasing market demand it is estimated that this flow will continue into the next year. With the increasing number of electric bicycle manufacturers, there will be higher quality and variety of technology embedded inside the e-bike.

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A company from Montreal Canada, Carbo may not be the name of a powerhouse in this market, but this startup promises something very unique in their products that are launched via the Indiegogo platform mid-year.


Break the Norm

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With a mission to redefine the obsolete definition of an electric bike, the bikemaker of Carbo is presenting their bike which claims to be the lightest electric bike in the world plus a foldable capability which is also a common but special attraction of this unique two-wheeler.

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Following long periods of involvement in the electric bicycle and carbon fiber industry, Carbo is the new definition of how a folding electric bike ought to be: Light, Simple, Durable, Beautiful, and still Affordable. All parts of the bike are interchangeable, making it less demanding than any time in recent memory to change supplant and redesign.


For Everyone to Enjoy

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The frame is made of carbon fiber, making it both lightweight yet incredibly solid. Carbo is the perfect eco-friendly transport alternative for professionals living in urban areas. The team behind Carbo also believe in Improve, Solve and Innovate to help increase the portability of the bike.

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The Carbo pack fits splendidly into urban life. The Cabo pack is outfitted with four haggles for your bike, and what’s better, everything fits in a little minimal delivery person rucksack for simple conveying.

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There are three models available. The upper-class CARBO X demonstrate the highlights via carbon belt drive, instead of a 7-speed Shimano Altus drivetrain in the ‘S’ model and a solitary speed chain in the ‘C’ adaptation. The engine and the circle brake are all equivalent in all models.

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