Honda Super Cub C125

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The legendary Honda Super Cub C125 motorcycle is recently gaining a lot of new premium improvement. The alteration is set to give a more attractive touch and strengthen the retro premium character for its owners.

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In order to increase the comfort of the owner, in addition to the addition of the new Matte Axis Gray Metallic color, the latest Honda Super Cub C125 is also equipped with brackets for the passenger seat and footrests for passengers as well as the embedding of the latest SOHC engine with a capacity of 125 ccs.

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Through these improvements, Honda claims that the new hoped that the new Super Cub C125 will bring pleasant memories while riding it.

Another premium and modern features embedded in this model are the Honda Smart Key System, which is integrated with the Alarm to prevent theft. The retro motorbike is also getting Answer Back System where the indicator will flash when used to make it easier to find the motorbike at the parking location.

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The 3-dimensional ‘Classic Wing’ logo is still attached to the leg protectors and the Honda Super Cub C125 Smart Key. Honda Super Cub C125 is equipped with a Tool Box on the right side, which allows the rider to store luggage in a minimalist form.

Telescopic front suspension and elegant 17-inch diameter aluminum wheels are present to support stable and precise handling. The front tires of this model are 70/90-17 while the rear tires are 80/90-17, both of which use tubeless tires.

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Price and Availability

Honda further claims that the new Super Cub C125 is one that is prepared around the comfort of the rider. This is why the latest addition to the feature of the bike is all about riding comfort.

One thing that doesn’t change much is the price tag of the Super Cub C125. The new model is marketed starting from $4,807.

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