E-Bike: A Bicycle with Two Accelerators from Riese and Müller

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Riese and Müller offer you a great bicycle with two accelerators called E-Bike. It is a sporty bike that you can use with the gentle push on pedals. With the Bosch motors, you can also feel the boost of an awesome force with this bicycle. E-Bike is a good choice for everyone who enjoys riding a bike comfortably. Here are some model and gear versions of this bike.

Sporty and Comfortable

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Riese and Müller are not only designing a sporty bicycle but also a comfortable bicycle for you. E-Bike is designed with special pedals up to 20 mph. It becomes the symbol of the epitome, especially from the German engineering skill.


Delite 25

E Bike 1

Delite 25 is an aluminum E-Bike model. It is inspired by the Riese and Müller dream to make a bike which is perfect both in visual and technic. With the Kashima coating, Delite 25 will not give you any friction at all when you use it.



E Bike 2

Another model type of bike from E-Bike is Homage. Homage is designed with the combination of everyday qualities from a city bike with the mountain bike concept. With the control technology, and also the hydraulic disc brakes, Homage has the best safety at the high speeds.


Delite Mountain

E Bike 3

Delite Mountain is special for you who love to have a great journey on a mountain. This bike is built with the high-torque Bosch Performance CX motor complete with the shock absorber and the battery to get the best performance.


Supercharger Mountain

E Bike 4

With Supercharger Mountain, you can enjoy your journey on a mountain much longer than before. This E-Bike type is completed with battery capacity up to 1,000 Wh. You will have a big chance to get the best ride performance and experiences.



E Bike 5

Delite from E-Bike feels like want to ask you to go to an awesome touring, both in the city and the mountains. This bike is designed with three frame heights with 27.5 inches wheels. The powerful Bosch performance comes from the pedal assistance which is up to 300%.



E Bike 7

A supercharger is a perfect E-Bike for the long-distance runner. With the integration of coordinated color scheme with two Bosch PowerTube batteries inside the frame, the whole look of this bike is very sporty and giving you the best result of riding a bike.

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