GenZe e-Scooter: Best Electric Scooter Ever for An Easy Ride

GenZe E Scooter 3

You can have the best experience ever with an easy riding with GenZe e-Scooter. GenZe offers two models of electric scooter based on your need. The best thing about GenZe e-Scooter is about building it. You can build your own style of electric scooter by choosing the model, colors, kickstands, battery, and also some other extras.

2.0s Electric Scooter

GenZe E Scooter 4

The first model is called 2.0s Electric Scooter. It has sporty look with a sleek front fascia and low handlebars. This model also comes with the best app features, including a track feature and disable remotely feature. You will also get 3G telematics data included for three years.


2.0f Electric Scooter

GenZe E Scooter 3

The second model is 2.0f Electric Scooter. This model is different from the first one. It is made for couriers, city riders, and also commuters. It is designed with electronically locking center kickstand for the security and good balance. It also has a hard locking storage compartment for a good safe in your trips.



GenZe E Scooter 6

GenZe e-Scooter offers some options for you. You can choose electronic locking center stand or side, and hard or soft locking back bay accessories according to your needs. Those options deliver to you with the GenZe companion app. It allows you to disable and track this scooter.



GenZe E Scooter 5

The battery is removable. You can recharge it on the go. Just snap in and out to get an easy charging with the best security. Then plug the battery into a standard outlet to have an easy ride with this scooter. It is easy and also fun.



GenZe E Scooter 2

GenZe e-Scooter is designed with a sleek and strong exoskeleton. The frame is made from minimalistic cast-aluminum which is better and lighter. This material also lasts longer than a steel that often used in a scooter for its frame.



GenZe E Scooter 1

Having a lot of things to carry? GenZe e-Scooter will be the best solution. It has a back bay storage which is bigger. It fits well for your 3 bags of groceries, gym gear, and also work stuff. You can bring all your stuff safely with this electric scooter.

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