Revos – Transforming Normal Bike Into an E-Bike

Revos E Bike Maker 2

Regardless of whether you’re cycling to the workplace and would prefer not to arrive excessively damp with sweat and out of puff, or you simply require some assistance getting up a lofty slope, an e-bike can be an awesome method to get around.

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For some however, purchasing a shiny new bike when you as of now have an impeccably decent one simply doesn’t bode well. That is the place for additional items like the item from UK-based company Revolution Works, with their three-part Revos framework.

Revos E Bike Maker 2

Revos fits your bicycle to give you electrical pedal that helps up to 25 km/h. Not at all like most engine transformation units, which put an engine at a center point, the Revos rather utilizes a determined roller that wedges between an edge seat stay and raise wheel.


Three-Part System

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A battery holder is mounted on the down tube, instead of a container holder maybe. At that point, one of two accessible Li-particle battery packs (100 Wh or 209 Wh) is opened into the holder and cabled up to the drive unit.

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The 250 W aluminum compound drive unit is clipped on the seat tube, between the seat stays, with the unit’s roller resting on the tire of the rear wheel. The magnetic pedal sensor is zip-tied to the chainstay and directed toward the cassette at the rear. The sensor is additionally cabled to the drive unit.


Kickstarter Campaign

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You can back their campaign on Kickstarter. Pledges start at £349 for a 100 Wh battery kit, and £439 for the 209 Wh version. The shipping is estimated to start in October.

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