Elovan: A Camper Trailer Design for Your Own Living Space

Elovan 3

A design concept of this camper trailer will allow you to have your own comfortable living space. Elovan is 2015 transportation design that achieved A’ Design Award in 2014. You can have the best living space with your own amenities with Elovan. When a holiday comes, it will be perfect to bring this camper trailer right behind your car with your family.


Elovan 1

Elovan 2

The concept of the Elovan solar powered camper is functional and simple with its chic look. Both the function and the design are the best for camping, vacations, short and long leisure activities. You will have some best memories too during your holiday.



Elovan 3

Elovan 4

Elovan comes in a simple design with a soft color. The form itself is already interesting to see. You can rightly build your tent with this camper trailer, easy and fast. The size of Elovan is a perfect size for adult’s height so you don’t need to worry about feeling too narrow in it.



Elovan 5

Elovan 6

With Elovan, you can have a space for sleeping for two people. You will also have a sink, a toilet, and even a small kitchen. You just need to open the doors, arrange your tent, and get ready to have a yummy dinner with this camper trailer.

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