Humidifier: A Product Design of Humidity Device to Solve Usage Problems

Humidifier 6

This product design is about a humidity device with a considering concept of the repair, production, and also the product-user relationship. This concept of Humidifier will bring a good solution for the user to the usage problems. The manufacturer can handle the problems well so they can match the product with the user need of a Humidifier.


Humidifier 1

Humidifier 2

The silicon of this Humidifier is fitted. It allows one-handed operation and also makes the chamber insertion simpler. This product design is different from another humidifier with its easily-breakable and also hard to be used.



Humidifier 3

Humidifier 4

The design of Humidifier can reduce the costs and the number of parts on it. It makes the maintenance easy than others. Besides the increased impermeability of it, the water discharged to keep the electronic components save.



Humidifier 5

Humidifier 6

This humidifier is designed with a different height. The height on the surface area can reduce the water-leakage risk, especially when you use it. You will have a good atmosphere in your home interior without worrying about the water leak.



Humidifier 7

Another cool thing about Humidifier is its color design. The use of color on it is perfect for the user interface. It can be a special identity for the product. People can directly recognize this humidifier by seeing the color design only.

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