Solar Taxi: An Electric Vehicle with Clean Energy for High-Performance Service

Solar Taxi 3

It is one of the best transportation design with a lot of awards and prizes in 2011. Solar Taxi is designed to give a high-performance service, especially for the slow-cities. The electric vehicle uses solar power for its clean energy. It makes Solar Taxi becomes a low-cost car, a safe eco-car, and also lightweight. The design is not only friendly for the environment but also stylish for a modern transportation.


Solar Taxi 1

Solar Taxi 2

The flexible interior makes Solar Taxi can carry up to five passengers. The seating is collapsible and it is also a wheel-chair friendly car. The double door is completed with a ramp to give more easy access to use this car.


Solar Panel

Solar Taxi 3

Solar Taxi 4

The solar panel of Solar Taxi is not only used to provide a clean energy but also used as a transparent hood. This kind of awesome hood will be able to bring a bright interior into the car complete with the best panoramic view.



Solar Taxi 5

Solar Taxi 6

The design of Solar Taxi is made by a sturdy construction with a transparent outer shell. This car is also designed based on international vehicle norms. It defines as 40 km per hour and under 250 kilograms for the weight. Solar Taxi will be perfect to be used in tourist environments and city centers.

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