1962 Prince Skyline Sports: A Sport Car with Elegant Style

1962 Prince Skyline Sports 2

It is another elegant sports car from Nissan, Prince Skyline Sports. It is a car of Nissan Heritage Collection Home. The design of the car is not outdated until today. Giovanni Michelotti is a famous Italian designer of this sports car. In 1960, Prince Skyline Sports was very famous at Torino International Motor Show. More than 60 units were manufactured, especially in Japan.


1962 Prince Skyline Sports 2

Prince Skyline Sports has 1,862cc, 94 PS, and 4 cylinders for the engine. The chassis comes from Gloria. The maximum power of the engine is about 69kW or 4,800 rpm. The maximum torque of the engine can reach 153 Nm or 3,600 rpm.



1962 Prince Skyline Sports 3

Prince Skyline Sports comes with 4,650 mm for overall length and 1,695 mm for the width. The height is about 1,385 mm. The size of its wheelbase is 2,535 mm with 1,374 mm or the tread, both rear and front. The curb weight is between 1,340 to 1,350 kg according to the convertible.



1962 Prince Skyline Sports 1

In Japan, this awesome stylish car was 1,850,000 yen for the price tag. The convertible itself was 1,950,000 yen. Even the design comes from 1962, Prince Skyline Sports still have its own level of a classic car in people’s heart.

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