Nissan GT-R50 by Italdesign – A No-Limits Re-imagining of the Nissan GT-R.

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Right around 11 years of age starting at 2018, the Nissan GT-R is entirely in the new region. Furthermore, despite the fact that sales have dropped significantly as of late, Nissan is as yet keeping the supercar into the generation with mellow overhauls.

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The first-historically coordinated effort amongst Nissan and Italdesign, the GT-R50 model could turn into the design for an amazingly limited edition of hand-manufactured creation vehicles. The vehicle honors the 50th commemorations of both the GT-R, in 2019, and Italdesign, in 2018.



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The Nissan GT-R50 by Italdesign begins with Nissan’s most recent GT-R NISMO and re-translates it with a European-style sensibility – consolidating beast compel with Italian craftsmanship and fitting.

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With a unique power plant that brags up to 120PS over the stock motor, and also the case and driveline redesigns, power goes down the new look. the NISMO association upgraded the hand-collected 3.8-liter V6 VR38DETT motor to create an expected 720PS and 780 Nm of torque.

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Key design features include a pronounced power bulge on the hood, stretched LED headlights, a lowered roofline, and prominent “samurai blade” cooling outlets behind the front wheels.

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A vast, flexible back wing, mounted with two uprights, finishes the general look. The exterior design is done in a Liquid Kinetic Gray shading, with unmistakable Energetic Sigma Gold commemoration complements.



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The Nissan GT-R50 by Italdesign mirrors its cutting edge, superior family. Two distinctive carbon fiber completes are broadly utilized over the center console, instrument panel, and door linings.

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The seats feature black Alcantara and fine black Italian leather. Gold accents echo the exterior treatment throughout the cockpit. The perfect finishes to complete the supercar.


No Limit Design on Limited Edition Release

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The GT-R50 is obviously what an immaculate auto would look like if its creators were not indebted to “limits.” Whether that alludes to security controls or budgetary confinements isn’t clear, yet we’re supposing it’s a smidgen of both.

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The Nissan GT-R50 by Italdesign will make its debut next month. No more than 50 units would be produced by Italdesign – with each car tailored for each customer – with a price estimated to start at about €900,000.

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