Shofar Humidifier: A Unique Humidifier Product Design by Hyun Yeol Shin

Shofar Humidifier 8

Hyun Yeol Shin from Korea has an awesome idea of humidifier product called Shofar Humidifier. The difference between this humidifier and another same product is the design concept. Shofar Humidifier is the image of the traditional shofar that turns into a modern humidifier. When a conventional humidifier focuses on the design, Shofar Humidifier offers the best releasing steam process.

Horn-Shaped Image

Shofar Humidifier 1

A thing that makes Shofar Humidifier looks unique is its horn-shaped image. This image supports the releasing steam process. The changing sound of this product has been applied to the whole image design by substituting the changing of the water steam.


Simple Touch

Shofar Humidifier 4

Shofar Humidifier 2

With a simple touch on the button of this product, you can use it to the area where the signal reaches in your room. It is a simple and easy humidifier product design that you can use anywhere in your own home.



Shofar Humidifier 3

Hyun Yeol Shin has been designed this awesome humidifier with an amazing detail view. You can operate this humidifier with some easy buttons. The design also allows you to fill the water and feel the steam in an easy way.



Better Use

Shofar Humidifier 5

Shofar Humidifier has the best design for a better use. You just need to put the water then press the button, all done. With this better use, anyone can use it easily including your kids. This humidifier will give you a better use and a better steam too.


Better Accessibility

Shofar Humidifier 6

Shofar Humidifier is designed with a better accessibility. It can be seen from the small light on the side part of this product design. The small light will flash when the time is coming for the water to be replenished.


Early Sketches

Shofar Humidifier 7

Hyun Yeol Shin started to design Shofar Humidifier with some simple sketches in some pieces of paper. This beginning process will make sure that the product design comes with a perfect design and performance.


Traditional Shofar Inspiration

Shofar Humidifier 8

The main inspiration of Shofar Humidifier comes from the traditional design. With this unique inspiration, Hyul Yeol Shin offers not only a product design with the best steam process but also a product with an awesome design.

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